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Understanding the CDD

Understanding the CDD: Michael Dueñes


Policy analyst Michael Dueñes explains how the system redesign  -- known as the Comprehensive District Design, or the CDD -- is an empty blueprint with unknown finances and no actual plans for addressing equity concerns. The Board of Education is set to adopt the plan on May 12, 2020 even though it has not been vetted by an outside agency, or even by a community panel as required by its own rules and procedures.

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Understanding the CDD: Ellie Rogers


Strategic planning and research design consultant Ellie Rogers analyzes the research behind Minneapolis Public Schools Comprehensive District Design and discovers that the redesign plan is not based on solid research methodologies. In this clip, Chapter 1 of 7, she explains that it's normal for everyone to be confused by what they've been presented and that good people have falsely assumed the CDD was research-based planning.

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#OurMPS Town Hall: Unpacking the CDD

April 22, 2020


Listen to Nekima Levy-Armstrong of Racial Justice Network explain the District's attempts to sell the CDD as an equity plan while leaving equity at the periphery and leaving the people out of the process. As she says, "we want to do it the right way." The District needs to follow their own rules and conduct an EDIA.

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The strength of our schools comes from a diversity of students, teachers, and educational models. The MPS Comprehensive District Design denies this diversity and has been poorly done with limited engagement of communities and educators.

MPS proposes to close school programs that have taken decades to build and to bus children out of their neighborhoods across town to attend their new "community schools."  The needs of our marginalized communities are urgent and they deserve much more than a rushed plan that, in the words of MPS, is designed to cause "disruption."
The Minneapolis Federal Teachers Union has voted to not support this plan. The Racial Justice Network has called for an external equity audit. And MPS is in violation of its own Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment Policy, which requires an internal audit for "all future policies that have a significant impact on student learning and resource allocation."
Real transformation requires care and wisdom, and it requires a process we can trust.

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